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March 12 2020

GtechDrill’s GT16: the perfect drill for the western USA!

In geotechnical drilling, it’s essential to work with efficient equipment that’s tailored to your type of drilling and terrain. We all know that some terrain can be difficult or even harsh, making the work t...

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February 27 2020

GtechDrill wants to know your needs!

At GtechDrill, we pride ourselves on knowing our clients. That said, you can never know your clients’ needs too well!
We want to start the new year ...

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November 28 2019

GtechDrill bringing drive to the NGWA Convention in Las Vegas

Once again this year, GtechDrill will be proudly taking part in Groundwater Week, organized by the National Groundwater Association. This event was...

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November 11 2019

Geotechnics in an urban environment: what makes it different

The analysis of the make-up of soil and rock, or “geotechnics”, is useful – and even essential – whenever you build or modify structures. For work in an...

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October 30 2019

Drilling in colder temperatures – what to know!

Ideally, drilling operations should be conducted in mild temperatures—not so hot that it’s uncomfortable and causes overexertion, and not so cold that t...

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October 26 2019

Hydraulic drills perform better than mechanical drills in geotechnics

Drilling consists of digging holes (called “wells” when you’re prospecting) in the ground for different uses. Drilling, which is often used to find and ...

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October 7 2019

Geotechnical engineering, then and now – Part II

In our last blog article, part 1 of this topic, we introduced you to geotechnical engineering’s history, beginnings and pioneers.

Throughout history, many catastrophic events could have been avoided if geotechnical engineering had been a ...

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September 11 2019

GTechDrill: Mining and geotechnics expertise

Today GtechDrill is recognized for its technical expertise and its star drill, the GT8. Its founders’ initial vision was to thoroughly understand the wo...

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July 29 2019

The geotechnical drilling trade has changed over time! (Part 2)

In our last blog article, we addressed the techniques and particularities of geotechnical drilling. The instruments used by drillers and other experts i...

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June 19 2019

Workplace Health and Safety, an Advantage on a Drill Site!

Health and safety have changed enormously in recent years, increasing worker safety. Businesses are aware of this significant contribution and today the...

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May 28 2019

The Six Best Geotechnical Drilling Tips

In geotechnical drilling, accurate, efficient and high-performance operations are absolutely essential for optimum execution of a project. Being able to...

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May 27 2019

What does geotechnics mean?

The field of geotechnics has made strong advances, but it’s also true that it has existed since the dawn of time. Our predecessors also needed to know t...

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April 29 2019

Tier 4: From a constraint to a source of improvement

International environmental standards are becoming stricter and stricter, and they pose not one but two serious challenges for manufacturers of engines,...

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November 21 2018

GtechDrill at the NGWA Convention in Las Vegas!

GtechDrill is very proud to be joining this year’s Groundwater Week organized by the National Groundwater Association, scheduled for December 5 and 6, 2...

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