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March 12, 2020

GtechDrill’s GT16: the perfect drill for the western USA!

In geotechnical drilling, it’s essential to work with efficient equipment that’s tailored to your type of drilling and terrain. We all know that some terrain can be difficult or even harsh, making the work that much harder. That’s where advanced hydraulic geotechnical drills with superior performance and unparalleled torque and power come into play.

Specialized geotechnical operations also require you to safely and efficiently drill in a number of different ground conditions. In fact, using the wrong tools and methods can worsen the ground or structural conditions. This impedes operations—not only does it make the drilling less efficient and optimal, it makes it less safe as well. A wide variety of drilling methods and technical concerns come to mind in such conditions.

Typical terrain in the western USA

The terrain in the western USA has its own particularities. It varies with the area, requiring specific drilling equipment and tools that are well suited to the type of soil and its underlying layers. In general, you’ll find the ever-present sedimentary rock, but volcanic, metamorphic and igneous rock are also common. That means you need to plan your operations and equipment carefully if you want to drill as efficiently as possible.

Many factors, such as the geological composition of the terrain and its ability to tolerate heavy machinery, directly the equipment needed to work safely and produce optimal results.

Robust, sturdy and versatile drills are the key to successful drilling campaigns in highly challenging environments. The steadiness of the drill rig also comes into play on difficult terrain. That’s why it’s such an advantage for transportation and handling to have a drill that’s up to the challenge while remaining relatively light.

Geotechnical applications

Depending on your geotechnical application, a superior hydraulic system that can better adapt to the soil type will make even the hardest drilling that much easier, whether you’re drilling through rocks, compressible soil or any other surface type. Using the proper equipment that is perfectly suited—or that can be adapted—to the surface will optimize both efficiency and safety.

Geotechnical investigations measure the general ground, subsoil and rock conditions and provide the geotechnical information needed to lay the groundwork for your projects. That’s important, because an accurate terrain analysis allows future projects to be more precise. It also allows you to plan and prepare projects to ensure optimal conditions and make sure that the skilled workers and equipment you need are there from the start. After all, it’s much easier to plan and integrate cost control and efficiency measures when they’re outlined in the earliest stages of the project.

Finding a comprehensive solution

It’s absolutely essential to find and work with skilled experts when conducting a geotechnical drilling campaign. GtechDrill has the technical knowledge and experience you need for mineral exploration core drilling. Our team is dedicated to advising you and providing you with the best drilling solutions.

State-of-the-art design

Our extensive experience in core drilling for mineral exploration shows in the design of our drill rigs. Our cutting-edge manufacturing processes ensure highly efficient, reliable and exceptional products that were designed with your requirements in mind. The design of our drills also integrates features to ensure that your equipment can withstand harsh conditions and adapt to a wide range of surface types, as proven by the rigorous field tests we conduct for each new design.

An exceptional all-in-one drilling solution

GtechDrill’s GT16 is the geotechnical drilling solution you need. It combines our trademark forward-thinking design, exceptional performance, steadfast reliability, versatility and simple operation with unbeatable speed and torque. This is a drill like no other, allowing you to drill deeper with the auger. Featuring electronic controls for less weight to carry and a 78″ stroke, this unit offers 44,000 lb./19,958.064 kg of pulldown, a head sliding clearance of 16″/406 mm and much more. What’s more, it weighs in at under 26, 00 lbs when mounted on a truck, making an exceptional drill that’s easy for any employee to move. In short, it’s your best ally for drilling campaigns in the western USA.

Why choose GtechDrill?

Our drill rigs are the result of our strong experience in mineral exploration core drilling. They’re designed to perform in harsh conditions and can be adapted to various surface types, as proven by our exhaustive field testing. Our drills and cutting-edge manufacturing processes guarantee that you’ll be working with highly reliable, highly powerful products that are designed specifically to meet your needs and expectations. Learn more about the GT16 and other geotechnical drills.


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