The geotechnical drilling trade has changed over time! (Part 1)

Geotechnical drilling is a speciality with its very own techniques and particularities. Drillers and other workers in the geotechnical field work with very specialized, high-precision machinery. Their practice requires thoroughness, accuracy, performance and reliability, so it is imperative to use equipment that is appropriate for the type of drilling and type of soil involved.

A geotechnical driller’s job

The discipline has made enormous progress in recent decades, and its tools have been improved and perfected using today’s leading-edge technologies. This progress has transformed the lives of geotechnical drillers just as much.

A driller’s life

We were able to talk with an experienced geotechnical driller who had valuable information and details on the trade to pass on.

Mr. Régimbald has been a driller for 15 years and was happy to discuss the day-to-day life of a geotechnical driller with us. 

Question: Mr. Régimbald, how has the drilling trade changed since you started out?

Answer: Obviously, the machines have evolved, but the biggest change has been the shortage of labour, as is the case in all fields. However, one big advantage is the increased attention to workplace health and safety. We see fewer accidents and injuries due to carelessness. The work goes a little slower, but much more carefully. And we see much stricter compliance with wearing personal protective equipment like glasses, gloves, etc. 

Of course it’s also true that the machinery has evolved. Now we have access to better equipment that performs at a higher level. Technology has improved accuracy and performance and added features and functions that we didn’t have before!

Question: What do you feel are the advantages of the trade?

Answer: I’m passionate about geotechnical drilling, but I’d say that the greatest advantage is not having to leave our home region to practice our trade. You can leave the house in the morning for the worksite and come home that night. It’s a huge plus!

Question: What are the greatest challenges?

Answer: Every new contract requires us to adapt to our client’s needs and reality. This means bringing several different drills that are appropriate to the type of drilling and the terrain.

Question: What effect did the tech boom have on your field?

Answer: It’s much easier to access information over the Internet. We have more information and we can get at it immediately.

Mr. Régimbald uses GtechDrill’s GT8 geotechnical drill and he generously shared his experience as a driller and his advice on using this drill. We’ll tell you those details in Part 2 of this article, coming soon!

Don’t miss our next blog article, in which you’ll find the technical aspects of Mr. Régimbald’s work and the equipment he uses.

Stay tuned for the next chapter!