The geotechnical drilling trade has changed over time! (Part 2)

In our last blog article, we addressed the techniques and particularities of geotechnical drilling. The instruments used by drillers and other experts in the field are highly specialized and precise work tools which guarantee thoroughness, accuracy and performance. We also stressed the importance of using equipment that’s appropriate for the type of drilling and soil involved.

In a nutshell, we focused on the work and life aspects of a geotechnical driller including among others the evolution, advantages and the greatest challenges of the discipline. In this second part, we will talk with Mr. Régimbald about the equipment used in geotechnical drilling.

Question: You use GtechDrill’s GT8 drill for your work. In your opinion, what are its main advantages?

Answer: GtechDrill’s GT8 drill is perfect for large-scale projects; since it is very powerful, it can be used for deep drilling tasks. Its high-speed drill head offers a great advantage for rock coring. Thanks to its powerful traction, the GT8 can access rough terrain, swamps and other challenging environments. This truly versatile machine adapts well to urban projects, as it can be moved around quickly. Other drills of this kind normally have a cylinder stroke length of 5 feet, while the GT8 has a length of 10 feet!

It is also important to note that the GT8 is a custom-made product, designed to meet particular specifications according to the client’s needs. While other companies also offer custom drills, their options are more limited than those offered by GtechDrill. The equipment’s truly customized and specific configuration is a definite advantage for all geotechnical drillers. The versatility of this customized equipment makes it easy to complete work quickly and efficiently, translating into higher profitability on the long term.

Question: In addition to all of these advantages, does the GT8 have other characteristics that make it the ideal tool for your work?

Answer: Its optical guard is, of course, an additional safety asset for any work site, since it helps prevent accidents. This security feature is an added-value component that’s truly unique to GtechDrill, who is one step ahead of the competition.

Question: Do you have a few tips for using the drill?

Answer: Certainly. Since the auger’s bells and extensions can become damaged, it is important to keep an eye on them. The operator must also be diligent and always remember to lower the mast in order to avoid damaging it by catching it on any objects around the machine. For a smaller drill diameter, remember to adjust the cut settings.

As described by Mr. Régimbald, geotechnical drilling has indeed seen enormous progress over the last few decades. The improved practices, increasingly perfected equipment and customized manufacturing, made to meet the specific requirements of geotechnical drilling, all play a major role in the evolution of this trade.

To conclude, it is crucial to use equipment that is appropriate to the task in order to get optimal results for each project and each type of soil.

To learn more about GtechDrill, the GT8 drill and all the options available to you, don’t hesitate to contact us.