Give Your Drillers Something
to Torque About

With the GT8, GtechDrill redefines geotechnical work. The result is an uncompromising hydraulic system RPM precision, inspired by the design of mineral exploration drill rigs. Experience high performance at a top rotation speed (965RPM) or extreme torque at low speed  (9 303 ft-lbs) to match your needs in any application. Our real diamond drilling heads are capable of adjusting from one type of ground to another and are very durable.

  • Hydraulically operated SPT automatic hammer (140 lbs/64 kg)
  • Hydraulically powered cathead hoist
  • Auxiliary winch (3 000 lbs/1 360 kg)
  • Water pump FMC and/or Moyno type
  • And more!

Pure Performance
Torque and Power

  • Best-in-class: Torque and top-speed combo: 598 ft-lbs of torque at 965 RPM
  • Drill depth capacity of up to 1970 ft (600 m)
  • Better adjustment depending on soil type
  • First-class hydraulic system for high drill movement precision
  • Real diamond drilling head for maximum power and precision
  • Can be mounted on tracks, on a truck or on a skid
  • Performs drilling campaigns in very challenging environments
  • Easy access to high-restricted areas


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